PET OF THE MONTH – ” Ms. Tonks “
🥳 Updated placement limitation: Homes with older kiddos and no other pets please.
🥰 Fostering or Adopting a Senior Dog Can Be a Great Choice! 🥰
1. A senior dog is most likely more mellow, so less exercise.
2. Senior dogs are more likely to want to cuddle on the couch and read a book than running zoomies around the backyard.
3. A senior dog most likely comes with some training.
4. If you have young kids, many senior dogs have kid experience.
5. A senior dog’s personality is already formed, so you know what you are getting into right from the start.
6. Senior dogs are great for first-time dog owners. Since senior dogs are usually much easier to take care of then a puppy or young dog, it will allow you to ease into becoming a dog owner, learning along the way.
7. Senior dogs are great for someone that works 8 hours a day because in general they need less exercise.
8. In general you’re looking at an occasional potty accident verses full-time potty training of a puppy initially needs.
9. Little to no chewing on your shoes or furniture like a puppy will.
10. You skip the “teenager” phase when your 9-18-month-old dog decides he doesn’t want to listen to you anymore.
11. Senior dogs have so much love to give!!