Leppy is an adventurous girl with a big meow. She likes space to explore and laying up on her cat trees and window seats.
Leppy loves to watch birds and chitter at them, especially magpies. She often gets burst of energy in the morning where she’ll run zoomies or find something on the floor to play with. She’ll even reach under the bathroom door for you and drink out of the faucet.
She enjoys getting pets and scratches whenever they’re offered but can also just find a napping spot and not be heard from for hours. She loves to flop on the floor and roll around to show you how cute she is.
She will also “help” you work by keeping you company at the desk. She would love a home where she can stretch out her long legs and enjoy the good life with her people. She loves to sleep with her people and will sometimes find her way under the blankies.
Still trying to decide on how she feels about other animals, but would probably do fine with other human kiddos. She is a spirited girl and will need a safe yard to play in.
We think she is about 4 years old.
In Anchorage. Call or text 907 980-8898.
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